About Us

Slow Food NYC is the New York City chapter of Slow Food, a non-profit, member-supported organization founded in 1989 to counteract the culture of fast food. Slow Food stands against the disappearance of local food traditions and people's dwindling interest in the food they eat, where it comes from, how it tastes and how our food choices affect the rest of the world.

Simply put, we are the members of Slow Food who live in and around New York City. We, the members of Slow Food NYC, designate a steering committee of twelve members to represent us, and to run the chapter's events and affairs. Slow Food NYC is entirely organized and run by volunteers, drawing talent, expertise, and ambition from our members and friends around the city.

SFNYC supports the mission of Slow Food, working closely with Slow Food USA, the national association headquartered in Brooklyn.

Mission Statement

Slow Food NYC works to create a food system based on the principles of high quality and taste, environmental sustainability, and social justice—in essence, a food system that is good, clean and fair. We seek to move our culture away from the destructive effects of an industrial food system and towards the cultural, social and economic benefits of a sustainable food system, regional food traditions, and the pleasures of the table.

What We Do

We support those who contribute to a good, clean, and fair food system, both for-profit and not-for-profit. We do this through several means:

  • We work with local schools, supporting programs that educate kids about good food and develop healthy eating habits.
  • We plan educational and convivial events of eating, drinking, and socializing, where we learn to reclaim and evangelize the joys of the convivial table, and educate our taste.
  • We recognize and promote food producers, artisans, purveyors, chefs and restaurateurs who contribute meaningfully to the quality, authenticity, and sustainability of the food system that feeds New York City.
  • We support other like-minded organizations working towards a good, clean, and fair food system by partnering, promoting, volunteering and donating.


In 1986 the founding father of the Slow Food Movement, Carlo Petrini, recognized that the industrialization of food was standardizing taste and leading to the disappearance of thousands of food varieties and flavors. He wanted to reach out to consumers and demonstrate to them that they have choices beyond fast food and supermarket homogenization. He rallied his friends and his community, and began to speak out at every available opportunity about the effects of a fast food culture.

Soon after, Petrini realized that, in order to keep those alternative food choices alive, it was imperative to become an eco-gastronomic movement—one that is ecologically minded, concerned with sustainability and sees the connection between the plate and the planet. With the preservation of taste at the forefront, he sought to support and protect small growers and artisanal producers; support and protect the physical environment; and promote biodiversity. Today, the organization that Petrini and his colleagues founded is active in over 100 countries and has a worldwide membership of over 80,000.

Find out More

You can learn much more about Slow Food online at both the Slow Food USA website and the Slow Food International website.

If you would like to get more involved or learn more about Slow Food NYC you can sign up for our email newsletter and attend some of our events.  You can also watch our Volunteering section for opportunities to get even more involved.  To join in the discussion about all things "Slow," follow us on Facebook and Twitter. To reach us directly please use the contact form on this website.

Read more about Slow Food and how it got started here:

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