Hurricane Sandy Relief

Slow Food NYC has built an impressive network of food service establishments, with our Snail of Approval program, and farmers, with our Producer Matrix program. Many of these establishments and farmers have experienced heavy damages from Hurricane Sandy.  Please spare a little time and a little pocket change to help aid in the recovery efforts.

Slow Food NYC has spoken with most of our communtiy and we encourage our supporters to reach out to a Snail of Approval awardee in your neighborhood.  Not sure where to go?  Visit the Snail of Approval page for a map of all locations.

Those that have the capabilities to help farmers outside the city, please do so with gusto. Below is our list of farms that bring Good, Clean, and Fair food to New York City everyday. Please let SFNYC know if you can make it to a farm or fishery to help with cleanup. 

Farms & Fisheries: click here to download list (PDF)

Some specific requests have been brought to SFNYC's attention. See a list of relief need here:

Relief Needed: click here to download list (PDF)

Members, let's do all we can to quickly repair our community. Thank you and stay safe.

-The Slow Food NYC board 

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