Tasty, Rare Foods That You Can Try

by Megan Larmer

Next Tuesday – December 10 – is Terra Madre Day, a worldwide celebration of local food.

This year, Slow Food invites you to celebrate by enjoying tasty, rare foods that are on the brink of extinction in your area.

Here is just one example from the Ark of Taste in the USA catalog:

Newtown Pippin Apple
The Newtown Pippin apple, native to what is now the borough of Queens in the City of New York, is a late-harvested, medium-large, flattish round, green-skinned, yellow-tinged, slightly russetted apple with a remarkably balanced tart/sweet flavor and an aroma described as "piney" by some. It is noted for the quality of the fresh and fermented cider it yields, its superior baking qualities, its excellence as out-of-hand eating apple, and its ability to mellow and improve in flavor with storage.

Here is where you can find it:

Please, show your passion for Slow Food on December 10 and eat it to save it – then share your experiences with us on Facebook and Twitter. And check out how others are celebrating across the U.S.

You can also take action to preserve your food culture! Seek out rare foods in the fields, kitchens, markets, woods, and streams near you and nominate them for the Slow Food Ark of Taste in the USA.

Looking forward to celebrating with you.


Megan Larmer is the Manager of Biodiversity Programs at Slow Food USA