The Farm Bill Everyone Can Hate

by Ed Yowell

The Farm Bill is the five-year, omnibus bill that governs virtually every aspect of food and farming in the United States. The House of Representatives, on January 29, passed the new Farm Bill in bi-partisan vote of 251 to 166. The Senate, on February 4, passed the bill in its bi-partisan vote of 68 to 32, If the hallmark of bi-partisan legislation is that everyone can find something in it to hate, then the new, federal Farm Bill of 2014 is a triumph of bi-partisanship.

After a long and painful process, that included the unprecedented expiration of the last Farm Bill with no successor, we finally are a presidential signature away from a comprehensive Farm Bill that, at best, is bitter sweet — accomplishing some and failing on much.

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Ed Yowell is a Slow Food NYC Board Member and Slow Food USA Northeast Regional Governor.

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