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The Classic Chef Cook Off

On November 17, this past Sunday, a group of dedicated cooks convened at the NYU Food Studies Kitchen to participate in Slow Food NYC's first Classical Chef Cook-off.

Help Save the South St. Seaport from Developers

Manhattan Community Board 1 will hear a presentation by the Howard Hughes Corporation regarding their proposal to demolish the Fulton Fish Market New Market Building and replace it with a tower of considerable height. We urge you to attend the meeting today and show your support to stop this bad idea.

Why We Drink This Night - The December 16th Manhattan Slur

The Monday, December 16th Manhattan Slur, as always, will be informal and fun and a great way to meet fellow, food-active folks! But it will also be a very special edition of Slow Food NYC's signature monthly happy hour.

Introducing Our Newest Producer Matrix Partner

One of the main goals of the Snail of Approval Producer Matrix initiative is to make sourcing of good, clean and fair food for restaurants as easy and engaging as possible. We've partnered with FarmersWeb to help make that goal a reality.

How to Save our Biodiversity

The Slow Food Foundation has created free, downloadable booklets with information about biodiversity and what individuals can do to protect it.

The Dangers of a Fragile Food System

Some of the "nonessential" employees, sent home during the recent government shutdown, include people that provide vital services that safeguard our public health, national food economy, and keep at-risk citizens out of hunger.

When the Pope Phoned Petrini

Slow Food founder, Carlo Petrini, recounts the experience of getting a call from Pope Francis and discussing the importance of the work of small-scale farmers around the world.

GMO Labeling in New York State - Action Alert

To date, the loudest voices have come from the biotech industry and big food company lobbyists. We need to drown out their voices and let our State Assembly and State Senate know that there is strong public support for GMO labeling.

NYC Food Forum Releases "A Primer for Our New Mayor"

The New York City Food Forum, a gathering of New York City food-active organizations, encourages our new Mayor to lead us towards a better food future for every New Yorker.

Why Monsanto Spent $1 Billion on Climate Data

Monsanto seeks to expand further into data services for farmers and just announced that it will acquire The Climate Corporation, which uses some of the most sophisticated data tools available to determine the risks posed by future weather conditions and events.


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