Slow Wine US Tour in NYC

Monday, February 3, 2014 (
6:00pm to 8:30pm
Join us for an evening of wine and discovery, at the Slow Wine US Tour: 3rd Edition. Using your own Slow Wine guide, a value of $25- included in the price of each ticket, you can taste your way through the regions of Italy, learning more about the quality, terroir and value of each wine. Join us to discover new wines and meet the people behind 70+ selected Italian producers who represent the Slow Wine values.

The third edition of the wine guide in English, Slow Wine, adopts a new approach to wine criticism and looks at a variety of factors to evaluate wineries in their entirety, taking into consideration the wine quality, typicity and adherence to terroir, value for money, environmental sensitivity and ecologically sustainable viticultural practices. The guide uses three symbols to evaluate each winery: 
  • THE SNAIL, the Slow Food symbol, signals a cellar that has distinguished itself through its interpretation of sensorial, territorial, environmental and personal values in harmony with the Slow Food philosophy
  • THE BOTTLE, allocated to cellars that show a consistently high quality throughout their range of wines
  • THE COIN, an indicator of great value


 Slow Food members get a $10 discount (the ticket includes a copy of the Slow Wine Guide book, which has a $25 value on its own) by using the discount code 'Slowfood' on the eventbrite page.

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