Portable Chef

Portable Chef aims to improve your life through the pleasures of delicious, sustainable, and healthy food.

In a nation obsessed with eating healthy, we seem completely incapable of coming to a consensus over what we should and shouldn’t eat. Food fads come and go, which has only served to make things more confusing.

There is a way to eat right.  Natural foods, grown without chemicals.  The freshest possible vegetables.  The most succulent meats, from livestock raised outside in their naturally preferred setting.  Whole grains.  Ingredients sourced directly from farmers.   Food prepared in small batches, by hand.

It’s simple – but not easy.  It takes time and effort to source the best ingredients and to cook.  And it can be confusing – sorting through nutritional claims and marketing-speak that surround food products can be difficult.

This is where Portable Chef comes in. They've done the legwork to source the best ingredients.  Taste-tested hundreds of recipes.  And can make it easy for you to eat sustainable, healthy, and delicious meals in the comfort of your home.

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Borough:  Other
Type of Service:  Caterers & Food Service
Snail of Approval Date:  2014