Volunteer Program

We are a completely volunteer run organization—so nothing gets done without the support of people just like you! Volunteers work street fairs, concerts and fundraisers; plant our farms; paint murals and fences; and offer educational programs for adults.  We've had volunteers who have been elected to the board by the membership and who now chair committees, manage events, raise money and make sure we keep on mission.  

We have 3 categories of volunteers—find out which one is right for you.

Trained Volunteers
Several times a year we offer a volunteer training. At this 2-hour event, future volunteers will learn more about the history of the slow food movement and the programs of Slow Food NYC.  Anyone who wants to represent SFNYC at an information table or at an event is required to go through this training first so they can answer questions from the general public. These volunteers are welcome to help out on board committees—planning Slow U, book club, fundraiser or Slur events.  These volunteers can also help vet Snail of Approval nominees.

Watch our Events Calendar or our Email Newsletter for upcoming training sessions.

Hands-on Work
Many times during the year we will put out a call for volunteers to help plant or prepare our farm space or help at a school garden.  You might want to volunteer for an on-going commitment on the farm during the summer. No special training is necessary, just the commitment to show up and the willingness to work.  

Watch our Events Calendar or our Email Newsletter for upcoming volunteer days and work opportunities at our gardens.

Special Skills
We are also always looking for volunteers with special skills to help make our large non-profit run.  We need graphic designers, public relations professionals, photographers and videographers, grant writers, event professionals. Food industry and local agricultural professionals help create our adult educational programs that help fund our programs with NYC school children.  If you have a special skill you want to share, or a great fundraising/educational idea—please let us know.