• Urban Harvest

    Slow Food NYC Urban Harvest teaches New York City children about the effects of good, clean, and fair food on their health and well-being, the health of their communities, and the health of the planet.
  • Snail of Approval

    The Snail of Approval is awarded to those producers, purveyors and artisans who contribute to the Quality, Authenticity and Sustainability of the food we eat and the beverages we drink in the City of New York. Our handy list makes it easy for locals and visitors alike to find some of the best and 'Slowest' offerings available.
  • Slow U.

    At SLOW U sessions we talk and taste our way through the good, clean, and fair food revolution that is helping us reclaim the food chain.

  • SFNYC Book & Film Club

    The SFNYC Book & Film Club connects people at book events and discussion groups that inspire individual and group action towards a GOOD, CLEAN, and FAIR food system. It provides ways for members and friends to suggest books, meet authors and form discussion circles.
  • The Slur

    The Slur is the Slow Food NYC bi-monthly Happy Hour. It’s fun, social, and informal but it’s also your opportunity to talk to the leadership of Slow Food NYC and let us know what you think.

  • Volunteer Program

    We are a completely volunteer run organization—so nothing gets done without the support of people just like you!