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  • Support Sustainability in the 2015 US Dietary Guidelines

    The 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC), consisting of nutrition and health experts convened by HHS and USDA, has reviewed current scientific and medical knowledge and prepared an historic report, the Scientific Report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee.
  • Ugly Fruit and Veg: Tasty Funactivism!

    Have you ever been to the market and seen fruit or veggies that looked all twisted, spotted, and quirky looking? Did you turn around and go right for the produce that was perfect: like yellow bananas still in the bunch and peppers with perfect coloring?
  • Protect Our Hudson Valley Foodshed

    Join Scenic Hudson and City Council Members Daniel R. Garodnick & Donovan Richards Jr. in urging Mayor de Blasio, and the City Council, to allocate funds in the City's 2015 Capital Budget to protect Hudson Valley farmland.
  • Slow Food NYC on the Mayor's Program for Affordable Housing

    At Slow Food NYC, we are strongly in favor of plans that lead to affordable housing, but not at the expensive of existing community garden sites, especially when there are plenty of other alternative sites available.
  • What is Source Verification?

    The CEO of The Natural Gourmet Institute, and chair of Slow Food NYC, explains Source Verification.
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